Monday, 23 November 2015

The loneliest waterfall

I have stated before that I use modern science in my training and fitness regime, So I thought I would share a little of what I do to get/keep and stay fit, (as I get older it's harder and harder to keep fit. I have never been an easy one to lose weight, I find it very hard and costs me a lot in sweat to even lose a little and build upper body strength. Contrary to opinion I am not naturally skinny it takes work.)

I have added a new dimension to my training after reading some  modern sports books about cold therapy (it's a technique used by most high end sports trainers and people needed to target specific areas for development), This has altered my workout times also.

  • Each morning drink iced water 500mls (no food yet) but supplements allowed if you have a preworkout load
  • Stretch
  • Workout should take 90min - 120min (at gym) - 15min Hiit Cardio, following by either Peripheral heart action or Weight Room then yoga or pilates (yes I know it's not manly but flexibility is important)
  • After workout hot shower followed by a gradual reduction to cold, full cold water for 5min
  • Breakfast - Protein heavy with protein shake (almond milk with protein added)
  • Icepack on the upper trapezius muscle (lower neck) for 30min while eating or any other problem area (ab's, belly)
  • Normal daily activities
  • Light lunch (or skip if not hungry)
  • Dinner
  • Cold shower (huzzah - they are not fun)

​The benefit of this regime is to workout when your body is at its weakest, after sleeping your insulin levels are at their lowest and your muscles haven't had a chance to store energy (sugar) yay science!

The cold therapy (showers and ice pack) are to stimulate brown fat, No it's not racist fat, it's subdermal fat stored around muscle groups, Which is not easily targeted by exercise - Caution - you can give yourself hypothermia if your not careful, it's a great technique but keep an eye on your body temperature you want to be shivering, (this burns a lot of fat) but you should recover quickly and your core should not drop to danger levels. Tip - read up on hypothermia if you're willing to try this (I use a thermometer to measure my body temp, don't want to get sick or land in hospital)

Need an icepack? use an old hot water bottle 50% water - 50% rubbing alcohol or vodka stays cold a long time and is reusable, Alcohol means it won't fully freeze.

why do this.. well I am not a quick fat loser after doing this for 1 week I have lost 2% body fat (which is a huge amount I have been stuck at 16% for a long time my target is 8%) I feel great not fatigued or over exercised (always, always stretch) and morning workouts means the rest of the day is free.

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