Sunday, 5 February 2017


Lists are important, I find listing what I want to do/create means I have a reference and can steadily work on projects throughout the year, the past few years I have found that working throughout the year stops the "event panic" common within the society, it's not two weeks to "faire" I have all year to build, create and research... so do you, I dont need panic to be productive.

I have a few current projects I am working on,

Tent (buying one, since the popup isn't working as well as I have hoped)
A folding camp table (inlaid with a map of the known world)
x2 Folding chairs (was thinking a glastonbury chair)
Folding bed ( considering building a monastery bed that breaks down)

Landsknecht garb
1x Dress set
4x General

Travel kit (just need arms and (semi) coat of plates now)
Breakdown shield (plan is to create a shield that can break into smaller parts for transport/travel) similar to my hand pavise.

More cheese making
Brewing (have 100L currently aging)

Largess (being a noble means an obligation to provide largess (this is not an sca requirement, but my own personal value) I have done so every year (last year I made 40L of sekanjabin syrup)

12 things challenge (almost finished)

Training, dancing (need to find a teacher) and singing (learning songs in german)

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