Sunday, 9 November 2014

To swing or not to swing?

Get 3 heavys together and you will learn 4 fighting styles.

Now I have read many many SCA training text's, And watch thousands of hours of training video's I have come to the point where I now need to pick a style to follow.

Most of the kingdoms have vastly different training methods and even different ways of generating power (whether its from the hips or from the legs) to pivot the shoulders or not. There are pros and cons to each style, different speeds and commitments to each blow.

In lochac we tend to throw "combo's" as our goto attacks, elsewhere the focus is on 1 perfect shot kills. Again elsewhere the focus is on manipulation to open to that 1 shot you have been practicing for 18 months.

The need for footwork seems the one universal constant, but this is done if different ways also.

To me this is very exciting! Nothing would be more boring that people standing arounds in Pose No. 1 from Fiore dei Liberi manual.

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