Monday, 17 November 2014

Golden Flight

I have been invited to join the Baronial court, to which I accepted, I am proud to be a part the barony and hope I play my part well.

It was a grand event, the wind spoilt peoples aim but not their spirits, It was great to see so many archers shooting, I spend my time marshaling and we only had 2 minor mishaps which were corrected with a kind word.

The heavy Tourneys were fun, a bit silly but having to only aim for a certain body part made defense interesting. The day was won by Sir Callum.

I learnt much about using Rattan great weapons from Sir Sigard and Master Brian, keep low and push into the strikes then pump your shot after the blow.

Food is a big part of the SCA and the cooks acquitted themselves well. Much bacon was had as breakfast lunch and dinners were japanese/chinese style meals, I am always impressed by the way the people attending the event just "get stuck in" and help with chores even if they have done alot already.

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