Monday, 8 December 2014

St Catharines

Just come back from an excellent event in Ildhafn, St catharines Faire, their majesties were in attendance and ran a couple of fighting classes and did us the honor of a few bouts, the training was very valuable learning a style of fighting used in lochac.

I love SCA events the friendship from those you have never met, the best part of the event is the people, I don't think I will ever find a bigger group of friends than the SCA.

A very nice period style feast on the saturday evening after some heavy play, a great way to end the day, It was soon realised that I forgot to bring some libations it was a combination of gear and space. My tankard wasn't empty the entire event, people I had never met came upto me and offered me drinks, some homebrewed others store bought, all excellent.

I learnt much about fighting and a few tips for long distance travel (eg, put your helm in hand luggage, saves on space and give you more weight to play with) Coconut water after a fight is amazing, very refreshing.

I got some really good practice in on Sunday morning, the bed was a little small being a scout camp and sounded like an engine (snoring) so I woke early (around 5am) and had some really nice alone time in the list ring practicing the circle sword style taught by their majesties.

I was honored at court with my Award of arms and was inducted into the Order of the Silver Helms, I was surprised and humbled to be singled out for such an honor.

I love the SCA,

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