Monday, 21 December 2015

How the stand shall be armed,

I have been working away for awhile now on building an armour stand, I came across This about 2 months ago on Honor before victory and I decided to build it.

Here are my results, took almost 3 days due to the wood staining (its made from pine with a stain) one of the reason why I built this one is that is also packs down flat, and I can make it to my dimensions.. its kinda cool seeing what I look like in armour, as my view has been from the inside till now.

Armour stand back

Armour stand front

With armour on it

Closer shot with armour

Almost side on armour on armour stand shot
Should make maintenance easier, although there is a slight lean because of the weight of the armour, I will need to think of a solution. All I need now is some dress armour! and maybe a sword.

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