Monday, 28 December 2015

The trice armed bench

The Bench,

It started off so simply, to make a chair that would be strong enough to sit on in armour... Then came the additional requirements...

  • Wouldn't it be nice not to just make a chair, but a bench in case others need a respite.
  • Wouldn't It be nice if it had no pegs or pins to be lost
  • Wouldn't it be nice it to folded up for easier transport
  • Strong, very strong so up to 3 fully armoured fighter's could sit on it.

So naturally it needed to be made from wood, but not just any wood, that would be too easy... I decided on making it from Knotty wood (wood unsuitable to general sales as it has lots of knots (which look great) but also not straight and with an uneven surface. (which increases the "fun")

May I present the bench.


  1. Apparently I can woodwork, who knew? Last woodworking I did was in High school 20 years ago.. now if only I can learn to carve.

  2. Nice design. How do you keep the cross braces from simply dropping out? I see you have a rabbit joint in there to eliminate the issue of pegs and such but what keeps them from falling vertically?

  3. The cross braces are very snug and the pressure from the legs keeps them in place even with heavy use (the bench was used at a week long event, with no issues in our dining area, had 3 -4 people on it most nights and no issues even when moving it)The next design I may change for a non/braced version by cutting the legs to sit at an angle away from the bench like this: /----\ but the braced version will still be better for heavy armour usage.

  4. This is a very cool thing and I would like to make on. Do you have plans beyond the pics? Not having to reinvent the bench would be great!

    1. Working on plans here: