Monday, 6 June 2016

Fimblewinter 2016

This last weekend I had the honor of helping to steward a local event "Fimbulwinter" it was quite a lot of fun, I got to see how much effort goes into planning event's (P.S, they don't happen overnight) It was also the 10th anniversary of the 1st fimbulwinter so we re-created the Feast that Lord Kotek made.

We had guests from Ildhafn and from our baroney, Southron gaard. Also in attendance was the Baroness of Southron gaard to which she comported herself with noble grace and bearing (even while reading ribaldry) much fun talking, drinking, rapier, archery, embroidery, candle dipping was to be had.

But the company was the best part, spending time with those that enjoy the game as much as you or I.

Sadly we had 7 cancellations due to sickness which left our tables very well stocked, I heard tell of people exclaiming they may well explode with all the food and drink on offer and a large debate rolled on towards night as which was the best dish, with all the food being compared and attendees exclaiming their favorites (my personal favorite was the Honey and Cumin carrots)

It was a great pleasure to see attendees helping and assisting others, talking and debating without one-upsman ships which so plagues the mundane world. events like this is what I feel the SCA is all about and was very enjoyable to attend.

I wish to thank each and every attendee for making the event what it was and what I will remember it to be years from now. I hope that in Year 20 of fimbulwinter others will look back at what came before with fond memories and a light heart.

Ps. There's still food left.

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