Sunday, 22 May 2016

Sunset and the dawn


I have been quite unwell these past few months haven't been able to train or do much SCA related stuff so my path slowed somewhat. (a big "I'm sorry" to the gentleman who asked me about shield Pavise construction as I have been unable to fulfill his request about a template and construction method, esp rawhide edging)

Recovering from events in your life can be tricky, I have found this is be true especially in regards to keeping momentum or motivations for your projects, it can be many, many things that set projects back. For me I suffer from Cluster headaches which randomly (or without a discernible pattern I have found) have periods of high activity.

Part of chivalry in my opinion, is the ability to push past or at least take on adversity! Stand and say No.. when it meets the Code to do so. I hope I can find the strength to continue this task, which I will never finish even if I reach my goal.

The path to knighthood is never ending, Even if you reach the point to be recognised, the path continues.. ever onwards into the sunset, and onto the dawn of a squire.

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