Friday, 13 February 2015

Durch die kehle

Its funny,

I was walking down the road today heading to pick up some steel for an armouring project and an acquaintance came upto me and asked what I was doing....

Without realising it I was in my spare time practicing heavy fighting, I was running though the movements while walking along, throwing shots (empty handed) and practicing footwork.

The SCA truly has me by the throat.

On another note, my armouring project is coming along nicely, sadly landsknechts don't have much armour in documentation (paintings, woodcuts, account) outside of the black legion but from a few effigies it can be surmised that they may have worn a coat of plates (at least the nobles did) this armour is quite appropriate for the time period and is documented for the area/culture.

Image of an Mid 14th C Early 15th Coat of plates Inside
So I am attempting to make a Coat of plates to move away from the need for a gambeson and to increase my protection in wars.

Alas, my search for steel continues. I am hoping to find a source of 0.9mm Spring steel.

Image of an Mid 14th C Early 15th Coat of plates Outside

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