Monday, 23 February 2015

Hope, Do not simply hope.

Its always disappointing when you put a lot of work into something and people simply don't show up, But sadly its part of life and you leave yourself wondering why bother?

I believe this is the most important part of the knightly code, Hope. 

"But Surely" I hear you say, "helping others is the most important!" I disagree, Hope provides the fuel to continue, Hope provides the drive to train "I really want to win that next tournament!" Hope provides the drive to persevere when others give up, Hope is the spark that creation is born from, Hope keeps me going to fighter practice when its raining in case someone else shows up.

But alas hope is a two sided coin, Hope alone is nothing you need to not just hope, but turn it into action. When you make a personal vow don't let it fall by the wayside, actively seek its result. "I'm going to win the next tournament" Break it down, see what you need to do to make it happen, whether its more physical training or pestering other fighters for training or learning to meditate to overcome those tourney jitters. Do not simply hope.

It need not be big, but turn those dreams into reality day by day.


  1. I have been contemplating a while about how to frame disappointment. the path can be hard sometimes but I have decided that hope must be another thing to deal with for good or ill in the path of chivalry.

  2. I'm still surprised anyone actually reads this.