Tuesday, 10 February 2015

You have been weighed and measured.....

Post event training, Now with Canterbury faire over it may seem like we have plenty of time to get everything done, Think again.

With planning for next year, alterations to armour (also taking into account the time it takes to get simple things like some rivets (4 weeks) or vege tanned leather (2 weeks AUS supplier) it soon becomes clear that for next year, I need to start yesterday.

With my brewing for next year already down (straw wine, Raspberry wine, (I think I will have a lot of friends at faire this year with this brew) Malted Ginger (This ran out so fast this year) and Apfelwein (german hard cider, my staple brew) oh and I am making some small beer later in the year.

 My attention turns to my training and ongoing battle to work on my kit, it is far from done. I have been introduced to the idea of a gambeson-less kit, this required increased steel protection with minor padding as required the idea is to reduce the kits weight while not sacrificing the ability to sleep on my bruises.

This is accomplished by transitioning to a coat of plates like kit (not a full coat of plates, while period accurate it is simply unnecessary with sacrifices mobility for no gain) it will also involved adding full arms and legs to my kit instead of the modular pieces I currently have (I will incorporate them into my new kit) my parts will still be modular in design as it makes them easier to transport.

I also have my ongoing project of largess, its a tricky subjects but one I feel is necessary to "the game" it was done by nobles, I even have accounts of nobles from my persona giving largess, I feel that for my part it should be simple but still cost me in either time or money that I have to sacrifice from my own tasks/wants but not needs, (like the shields myself and my lady made this year for the kids) But it but no means should cripple you. Its a delicate balancing act of cost/time and I feel my largess should be a part of both. I should also note largess is entirely optional and is not a "Tax" for the barony/group it is a gift to friends and acquaintances or just those in need or you feel need something shiny.

Back to learning that offside legshot with the pirouet of course :)

Welcome to the new world, May god save if it is right for him to do so.

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