Monday, 13 July 2015

Do not follow

The lowest point

How far can we fall? without saying a word, how we love to believe the worst of others and never seek the truth.

I remember just this last event "Chivalry" was accused of leaving bows in the rain, the story ran like wildfire, I heard it thirdhand; The truth was much simpler, It started raining heavily and the wind picked up, 3 of the knights immediately noticed that the archery pavilion was still up and was in danger is being blown away so they took it down and moved the gear inside a few of the loaner bows were slightly wet as were a few arrows, So a rumor took off that the knights left the bows in the rain.. and on and on it went.

Seek the truth, do not follow.

Blind faith is as dangerous as blind obedience, asking why is not a sin you should always question, even if you know the answer because its the best way to learn the mindset of your teacher and find the truth of the matter.

Recently I berated my local group about not thinking about others, I failed this simple test of seeking the truth. it was forgetfulness not deliberate malice (but it didn't hurt to remind them) I erred and will remember for next time my own lesson.

We love to think the worst of people, we even do it without realising, It is conditioned within our society that we don't even question  our worst fears. (Or greatest hopes in the dark of the night)

We all mess up, not one of us is perfect but believing the worst of someone even as they try to make amends is a greater failure.

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