Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Why do you fight?

Heavy combat within the SCA is a personal journey of re-discovery, Finding within ourselves that which has been lost by the march of civilization. ("preface for later comments", I believe all fighters are equal when it comes to gender once you make a commitment to fighting you are a fighter, not male or female. Apart from some minor difference in power generation and frame weight transfer men and women are equals, gender doesn't define activities, there is no advantage or disadvantage you cannot overcome.)

Fighting has been shown to reduce stress, keep you in shape, increase your hand-eye coordination, endurance and reflexes. (most studies have been about martial arts but I see no reason why this wouldn't extend to SCA combat in any form)

SCA fighting requires discipline, honor, humility, control, freedom, aggression & peace. You must learn your limitations and work to break or bend them to excel. You can be any shape or size, whole or disabled because one important lesson I have learned is experienced beats age the majority of the time.

Do you fight to win? To learn or to teach? For Love, for loss? To grandstand or humility? To become a part of  a group? To stand out? for all or nothing?

Do you fight for yourself or others? for glory and renown?

Is fighting for you something more than just being a "stick jock" something you cannot put into words, it makes you try harder and work to become a better person, More than just standing with friends and your SCA family? More than your upbringing or personal circumstances, beyond faith and personal ideals.

Why do you fight?

Because you can?

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