Sunday, 27 September 2015

Preserved meat, Biltong!


I have started looking into preservation techniques of food stuffs and starting with dried meat the 2 images below are my first attempt at biltong (and yes I vacuum packed it for long term storage) when I get the recipe right I will be making quite a bit for camping events along with other non-perishable foodstuffs (like cheese and beer!)

Biltong close up
The recipe was simple involving vinegar, salt and coriander seeds but I have found this to be too salty and will try again with another batch next week.

But dried or preserved foods are as ancient as eating them, Ancient egyptians stored a multitude of food for emergency's, for War and to improve flavor and longevity. 

Biltong is a south african method of preservation by simpling immersing in a brine solution and drying it slowly over several days it can then be eaten as is or soaked in water and rehydrated then made into a stew. wrapped in a breathable material (like linen or cotton) it can keep for several months without spoiling or years if vacuum packed or frozen.

when I can, I am looking at also purchasing a smoker and smoking a small amount for even longer storage (and flavor) All hail food you don't need to refrigerate, perfect for the campsite and on the move. 

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