Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Setting a goal

Goal setting is very important, Some of us do it instinctively or by mistake (I really need a X for the next event) But I humbly suggest you should make a little more effort at a structured goal system.

Lets take one of my goals as an example.

I want to become a better heavy fighter.

This is a complicated goal, as it relies on many variables and approaches so the best way to start would be to make a list (lists are good!)

So: How can I improve my fighting (make a list of all the ways you can think of no matter if you can do them or not)

  1. Training more with my pell
  2. Training with others
  3. Travelling to more events
  4. Altering my armour to suit me better (lighter more movement)
  5. Altering my sword (changing balance/ weight or shape can alter how blows land)
  6. Altering my shield (is it protecting me where I need it, is it too heavy or too light)
  7. Increasing my physical fitness
  8. Researching new techniques on the internet
  9. Bugging other fighters for tips
  10. Duct taping my liege to my pell

So with your list you need to look at the problems with each of the idea's on your list.

  1. Motivation to get out and train
  2. I have no other with enough experience in my local group to train with, and it may hamper their training to fight me all out.
  3. I cannot afford to go to more than 3 events per year currently
  4. This takes time, money and research, I can work on this but it will take time.
  5. I have done this, I currently do not know of other alterations I could make, I will ask more experienced fighters.
  6. I recently did this and I am happy with the new design for now
  7. This is ongoing, I have a gym membership and will continue to go, I have researched optimal training methods including Peripheral heart action and HIT Cardio training, I am also looking into building fast twitch muscle fibres by including boxing routines into my training.
  8. Youtube as an amazing resource for SCA fighting and training techniques, I will continue to research, but time is a problem.
  9. I bet they're getting sick of my questions by now, I will stop asking for a while.
  10. This is not a good idea, he's small but I'm pretty sure could beat me into submission.

So with your problems list done you can look at solutions

  1. I have a pell, I can make the time. this I can do I need to motivate myself.
  2. I do not have a solution for this at this time 
  3. Need more money or cut costs, research required.
  4. I can slowly make new gear. and can cut costs by going to op shops/ junk shops and watching out for fabric deals at spotlight and lincraft.
  5. Ask other fighter about further optimisation
  6. Happy with new design, ask other fighters for input.
  7. Goto the gym more, can up training to 4 - 5 times a week now my basic fitness level is secure.
  8. Spend more time on researching
  9. Keep bugging fighters
  10. Research stronger tape
So now we have Idea's, Problems and solutions.. what now? well now you need a schedule and decide how much time you can devote to your goal. If you have a family or a Job or study this limits your time but all is not lost! break down your day as see where you can fit in a little SCA, but remember to leave time for recreation.

Even 30min a day over a period of time can make a massive, massive difference. Don't make the mistake of scheduling time slots just write a "i'll do this on this day/ week/ month guide"


Mon - Cardio HIT (gym) Youtube research - Pell time
Tues - PHA Training Upper (Gym) - Researching Fighting 
Wed - PHA Training Core (Gym) - Researching Armour - Pell time
Thurs - PHA Training Imbalances (Gym) - Researching A&S Activities
Fri - PHA Training Lower (Gym) - Recreation - Pell time
Sat - Fighter practice
Sun - Rest


Add a new post to my Blog
Research more on SCA politics and look at what's happening in a general overview with the rest of the known world (we are a small part this helps keep me in perspective) and its really good to see what's happening elsewhere.


Send out emails to other Sca members I know and have build friendships with and keep in contact.
Bug other fighters for Idea's and tips
Learn more german
Research Garb
Visit Op Shops for materials


Follow Up with SCA membership
Save money for events
reduce expenditure
Make largess 
Make items for "Tax" (to be donated to my group/baroney) as presents/prizes

I hope this helps in your own planning.

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