Sunday, 10 January 2016

The tower on the plains.

Canterbury Faire (Southron gaards biggest event and the biggest yearly event in NZ) starts next week and this year its bigger than ever! With 12th Night (the coronation of last crown tourney winner to be king/queen of Lochac for the next 6 Months) and Cfaire after that its shaping up to to be a very eventful event!

Myself and my lady are ready, we decided there would be no last minute panic over gear/stuff, So we started planning just after last faire (2015) and have worked hard to have everything ready including new garb and armour.

I am looking forward at seeing all my fellow scadians again and meeting a few new ones, nothing builds comrades like crossing swords (I call it my friend stick) and then beer. hopefully I won't be injured like last year (2 hairline fractured ribs and a mild concussion) but I won't lament if I am, its all part of the fun.

Each event allows the opportunity for service and to improve courtly graces, I hope to acquit myself well on the field of battle too, but my fellow fighters are very good so I don't expect any victory's. (not that it will stop me from trying) I hope to inspire a few new fighters, and help out with their first few blows. I enjoy taking a bit of time each year to seek them out and talk/train, maybe even gift some of my spare gear.

I am also looking forward to the investiture of our new baron and baroness and spending time with my liege. Each year I learn more and more such depth of experience and grace paying heed to his teaching's has served me well.

No blog post next week as I will be at an event.

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  1. I wish I had your forethought... I'm currently frantically sewing and still have half of My Lord's garb to make... it's very stressful - tonight I have made a shirt based on St Louis' tunic and have cut out a second shirt.. I have to finish both shirts, hand finish a tunic and coat and then make a second tunic and a second pair of hose.. in three and a half days... I suspect I shall be stitching at faire (thankfully there's a LOT of court to sew through on Saturday) as I also have to mend my own garb!

    I look forward to catching up with you and your Lady at faire!! hopefully I will still be sane!