Saturday, 23 January 2016

A crown, a tower and dream while fleeting.. lasts.

Canterbury Faire is over.. Sad, but joyful at seeing all those within the populace who travel to spend time with those in far flung reaches.

At Faire we crowned a New King and queen, King Gilbert Purchase and Queen Bethony Gaitskell, long may they reign! and our baroney has a new Baron and Baronesses, Baron Richard and Baroness Ginevra.

Many, many hours of court made this possible (my poor legs) and 2 pelicans were recognised, Anna de wilde and Ginevra both who duty and service shows them to be valuable and valued members of the SCA, long have they toiled to help bring us events, offices and service.

My duty as a henksman (guard) to the barony of southron gaard, kept me running all over the event setting up court and finding lost/misplaced items, while the duty was long and sometimes impeded what I wanted to do, I kept my word and upon my honor that would be cheerful and be committed to all that was required of my duty.

While service and duty calls the field upon which mettle is tested was loudest of all, Sadly I was found wanting but not from lack of trying. The armour changes I made that were battle untested as a complete kit did not work as intended, my sword side pauldron kept slipping under my armour's backplate which meant that I couldn't move my sword back past my torso dramatically reducing power generation and a buckle which looked sound during my pre-faire check slipped its tether and dropped the strap holding my arm on, Field repairs were made but this proved to be a constant failure at the most in-opportune moments, with armour failure aside my own technique was lacking I have much to work on and while at faire sought out advice and techniques from all willing to pass on their knowledge to which I would like to thank: His Majesty Gilbert, His Excellency Steffan, Sir Agro, Sir Roland who took time and helped with advice and techniques.

Knowledge is valuable, more greatly prized than material goods but knowledge is useless unless enacted and I intend to not let such go to waste. My liege, Sir Philippe de Tournay while not able to attend this event his advice and guidance still rings true in keeping a small book to write down help/advice/idea's so such a valuable bounty may not be forgotten.

I am tired, worn, beaten but I will not fall, see you all at the next event. (and uninjured! even after fighting in gods and monsters in minimum armour and no padding)

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