Saturday, 25 October 2014


I came to a realization last night when pondering my role in the progression of the dream (eg, What can I contribute) When it occurred to me that the peers have done the hardest thing to do well which is allows others to contribute.

Example, Myself and my Wife have come up with an easy sew gambeson pattern. Of course the experienced sewers could have made this pattern but even when hearing about the idea offered only support, this sounds strange but is very hard to do.

Imagine you are the best at sewing out of anyone you know, you know you can make a pattern for "item" and you can do it really well, probably better than anyone else, but how will others learn and contribute if you just sew everything. We learn't alot about sewing and I hope we have created a valuable resource for others to use, but most of all I would like to thank the peers for only offering to help and not knowing they could do a better job taking this learning experience from us.

Its not just with sewing, armouring, fighting, brewing even stewarding, every craft in the SCA has experienced people who could most likely do it better. I thank them for only offering support, allowing a new generation of SCAdians the chance to learn and grow,  Hope for the future.

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