Friday, 17 October 2014


I am a mouse hear me roar,

Training continues preparing for Golden flight, engaged the services of a personal trainer twice a month for help get me into fighting condition, It was an interesting experience trying to explain what I need to work on, in short everything. We use every muscle group and need not just power but speed and flexibility on top of the need a sharp and fast mind with also muscle memory movements.

In the end I just went to the gym in my armour, she understood after seeing :)

My pell continues to be murdered everyday, *stab* Getting those slot shots flowing is proving a challenge but not insurmountable.

I continue to learn to bow and am working on learning simple german, the SCA to me means more than just fighting its an entire lifestyle, when I walk onto an SCA event I like to be my persona. At least thats the aim. Now if only I could learn to sew...

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