Sunday, 5 October 2014

Welcome to the Bearpit!

Another Fighter's weekend 26th to 29th of September, I am being hosted by my knight and mentor, Sir Philippe De Tourney in Christchurch.

I arrived in Chch from Dunedin with my Friend (adam) and Rival Elias to be picked up by Sir Philippe. The night was long talking about the SCA and Chivalry while watching SCA related Dvd's and lord of the rings, I knew once the night ended it was amour-time! (excited!)


The dawn broke and once fasted it was off to the Southron gaards training ground for some Light calistic's (ow! sympathetic leg pain) and warmup. Richard soon met us, armoured up and then proceeded to beat me up and down the field with my new shiny shield earning its first stripes.

A few tips from Sir Philippe and soon was starting to hold my own until my treasonous arm betrayed me with the weight of my shield.

The rest of the morning was spent drilling over and over, strikes and free form fighting with tips and techniques enforced by Sir Philippe and Sir Callum. (KNEES!)

Lunchtime arrived sooner than I would have liked (although it truth I was already tired) a small break and back into damp armor (from sweat) for some more fighting, Sir Ratbod visited us and took some footage while aiding and guiding us with technique, sadly time went too fast and soon it was time to pack up for the day, then a quick visit to Lord Bijorn for some leather.


I was a late riser after a good night of parties (Kaos) and exhaustion from fighting all day, But I felt like Oliver twist "Please Sir, Can I have some more?" Arrival at site was met by Lord Richard and soon alot of others, Nothing is better than seeing 10+ likeminded people warming up and then donning armour to beat you into oblivion. A good time was had By all, I got to fight most opponents and then headed inside for Sir Philippes A&S talk on Chivalry and Etiquette which was excellent and well worth repeating. I found the sections of perceptions of rank most illuminating and valuable, allowing me to question my deeds as I now perceive myself.

The weekend was over far earlier than I would have liked but the value of such is incalculable,  Thank you all for an amazing experience and I hope to someday repay your kindness.

Leonhart Hunt

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