Sunday, 5 October 2014

The First Step on a long path

My name is Leonhart Hunt a heavy fighter and part of the Incipient canton of Wildmoor, Part of  Barony of Southron Gaard in the South island of New Zealand in the Kingdom of Lochac.

I have decided to record this journal of my path to Knighthood as in years to come I can look back and see how far I have come.

First some history, (some of this comes from my notes, I apologize for my opinions at the time as I knew little) I joined the SCA first in 2012 after being invited to attend Canterbury faire by Chris Giles a member of Curvus Domus. I thoroughly enjoyed myself  and was introduced to SCA heavy fighting by a kind soul (Sorry I cannot remember who) who put me in some loaner armour and then proceeded to beat me up and down the field... I was Hooked.

After Faire I started trying to find out more and more, Learning as much as I could. I lost touch with Southron Gaard and started to lose interest until I saw an AD on SG Discusses for Faire 2013, again remember how much fun it was my enthusiasm was rekindled and I proceeded to prepare for another fun event with those crazy armour wearing, stick wielding men. (at this point I knew little about SCA combat and though only men fought) I was also in contact with the potables adventurers guild and started brewing cider. I bought the wrong armour (yay) I have it now to remind me what not to buy.

2013 Rolled along again another amazing event, This time I was there for a week. I became enthralled with the Garb, manner and weird hobbies and thought to myself I can do this too. I started asking questions, mostly to those in my encampment and a few other kind souls who I think saw a lost sheep and wanted to bring them into the fold, I learn't how to greet someone and how not to bow (yes I was taught wrong) I was also introduced to those far off peers (apologies This was my opinion at the time) who were masters of a craft, I wanted to create like they do. I had names and personna explained to me and then rank's, Who are these people who have gained such prowess and fame to be allowed to wield respect as Baron and Baroness, Alas I was young and naive. I was surprised that my Brewing when down well, I brought 80L up with me and none made it back down.

After Faire 2013, I was again hooked I started doing more research and trying to find out more, I started creating a persona and backstory. Started learning new skills and began the long road to my Goal, Knighthood.

I also began my armouring and woodworking at this point, I soon realized that very little exists in the way of tools/supplies for armouring alas I started looking for other ways to make/build the gear I require and soon realizes that I either need to build a full smithy or just buy my armour, I chose the latter and started saving up for my First real helm. It's what I use today and has served me well.

I came across my first real problem when it came to making a Gambeson (Early 2013). my first gambeson was too thick and felt like I was wearing a duvet, It was very hard to sew especially with my poor sewing skills, It was hard to move in and really wasn't all that protective. This wasn't going to work.

My second attempt (Late 2013) was just the opposite, It was far too thin I could move freely but I might as well have been wearing paper for the protective qualities it provided, Again this wasn't going to work.

2014 Faire rolled along and sadly we could not attend due to Illness and lack of liquid funds, This sadly curtailed my journey and laid me low for 1 year.

The 3rd Attempt was the key (2014), Myself and my Lady sat down and decided what we wanted from a gambeson and what we need it to do. My Lady came up with the idea that we could use a tunic pattern as a base for a new type of gambeson, but what would we stuff it with? I remembered while doing some research on my personna a woodcut of a tailor stuffing a gambeson with straw in little channels (we use wool). And Lo the Gambeson MkIII was born. the prototype was finished

Now I had a gambeson I needed better armour, While displaying my Woe on Facebook Sir Tycho gave me a link to an armoury I never knew existed, Bokolo.

An Idea was formed early 2014 to have a fighters weekend in the newly formed Wildmoor this was the first time I had the chance to truly see what I was like to be a heavy fighter in the SCA, I wanted to fight before this but I didn't have the slightest idea how. I was a steel sword fighter previous to this but it really doesn't help much except with mind and stance, All the blows are committed differently and in steel we have far different goals, In steel i'm trying to win, In the SCA i'm trying to kill you (but in a nice way). The fighters weekend was the catalyst I needed, I quickly learnt the basics of what I needed to know and began to practice and practice and practice.

Fimblewinter 2014, By now I had my Kit (minus my new surcoat and Gorget) I got the chance to show what I learned, not only about fighting but marshaling and my love for non-combat arts, Cooking, Cheesemaking, Dance (kinda) History, Heraldry. At fimbulwinter I became an authorised SCA heavy fighter in the worst display of combat prowess ever, I was a mess and felt like I was all arm and elbows. I learn't so much over the weekend of fimbulwinter not just about combat but SG's love for the Dream.

Fimblewinter 2014, I was asked by Sir Phillipe De Tourney to be His Squire. Which I accepted. I hope he knows what hes in for :)

Leonhart Hunt

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