Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Blood, sweat and tears.

Canterbury fair is over /sad but much fun was to be had the following is an account of the event from my eyes. (a shortened version omitting the glorious food and a few personal events and no words can/could/should explain.*keep your mind out of the gutter*)

Pre-event went well, setup took less time than I thought it would, many within southern gaard have it down to an art, problems were swiftly dealt with little fuss and no mess.

The event started with a bang and a crash,

Monday Day, Opening Court as part of the court of Southern gaard I am honored to help prepare the court its a bit of work but nothing too onerous, many hands make light work and many many hands were to be had. Learning my new duties from Roland was a grand way to be inducted into the court's duties and had me thinking more about the theater and pageantry of the SCA, much thought goes into even simple things like location of side tables or rug angle.

After lunch it was time to prepare for the heraldic heavy tourney, I think I acquitted myself well during the bouts it was most enjoyable to get out and fight those I have never had the privileged to fight before, we had especially blessed here in NZ to have a large pool of very skilled Fighters who among many other duties/hobbies put so much time and effort into the Nobel art of Heavy combat. To the un-educated it looks like two people wailing with sticks, but their is much effort that goes into even the simplest of blows, the same can be said of all combat arts, This simple truth has allowed me to views all the arts under a different light. I highly recommend everyone old or young to at least once borrow some armour and take a 5min lesson, you will not regret it.

Tuesday Day, WAR - Huzzah - WAR A huge amount of fun, very very tiring but massive fun I cannot put into word the experience of war it must be lived, I am both tired and full of energy at the same time.

Tuesday Afternoon, Polearm tourney, sadly I am not skilled at the polearm and require more instruction so during this time I managed to secure a small pickup combat group to which I had a bit of one-on-one instruction time with some of my fellow fighters, learning new techniques is the core of our art then perfecting them to be used in the heat of battle, I learn't so much this week and I am sad that so much information was crammed into my head by such sublime fighters I must have lost some, I use a technique when learning new information like fighting movements which cannot be translated easily into words. Imagine your shadow cast upon the ground now remember each stage of the shadow as the movement changes, this seems to work well for me I also add additional information like where my weight should be.

The Feast concluded this day, and it was Glorious. Good food, Good company and great SCA entertainment what more could anyone ask for in such a day.

Wednesday Morning, WAR - sadly due to lack of archery mesh I could not fight in this war, myself and Sir Philippe, had one piece of mesh to share to which he let me use for the first war and it was only fitting for him to have for the second. It was really fun to watch, I occupyed myself with pickups during the war time.

Wednesday Afternoon, Rain, oh so much rain all fighting was rained off for the rest of the day but much catching up and talking was had while we were entertained with small raindrops smattering outside the tent. At the end of the rain later that evening I found that our new tent's Lip at the base wasn't high enough, where we were camping was an old riverbed and we had 2 inches of rain on the ground sadly my lip was only 1 inch high and our tent was flooded, Richard organised us alternative accommodation. warm and dry, we had lots of help moving our gear and a lesson learned for next faire.

Thursday Morning, Have a go Heavy was heaps of fun, I armored up and got to introduce a few new comers to the art which is heavy combat, it was interesting for me even as a very new fighter to see how far I had come in my path compering to the newcomers, I remember my first time in Armour (thanks Tycho) and I hope those introduced this day stick with it, it is very rewarding.

Thursday Evening, WAR, the woods battle. It started of great, it ended in tears; Mine. Fighting in the woods is tough, especially as the attackers. Its a battle uphill and choke-points following the path, I think I was injured early but was not used to the signs a lesson learned, I remember at one point Sir Vitalie telling me I wasn't taking the heads-hots but it was quite a blur I ended up with a mild concussion and 2 very bruised/ with hairline fractures ribs. My own fault and had not in anyway diminished my desire to fight.

Friday Morning, I am very sore. hard to breathe, I take a few painkillers and take the day easy. I spend the whole morning watching people fight wishing I could partake.

Friday Afternoon, A little better, I can now breathe easier so I look to A&S I wander the site watching the Nobel sciences and talking to many many Scadians about the arts and what draws then to the fold. I see the camp unfolding before my eyes, such is the art of populace.

Saturday Morning, Still sore but a little better, the Baroness's Rapier tourney was a true pleasure to behold, I understand much more of the art than I did before and can now follow the subtle shifts in movement that makes up the art.

Saturday Evening, Closing Court, Its over; sad but now the prep for next year begins back to the mundane world for a little longer, a necessary evil sadly as this is what allows me to have such nice things, for me this was the best Cfaire so far in my SCA career even with my pain.

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