Tuesday, 2 June 2015

I realize I am remiss, And haven't mentioned physical conditioning. As with anything you can put in a much as you want to of time/materials/funds, but unless you're a natural you will need to workout to not only provide your "wind/stamina" but to build muscle and flexibility.

My routine on a weekly basis is:

Mon - Gym (cardio)
Tue - Pell (slow work)
Wed - Gym (Upper Body)
Thus - Pell (accuracy)
Fri - Gym (lower Body)
Sat - Pell (speed)
Sun - Fighters practice

Each routine is approx 1 hour at least (if i'm feeling energetic will extend the time) Including warm up and cooldown time total workout takes 1hr 30min - 2 hrs per day.

  • Cardio is simply running or swimming/rowing machine. 
  • Slow work is exaggerated slowness in practicing strikes to build muscle memory and so I know when I ramp up the speed I won't injure myself or others.
  • Upper Body, concentrates on arms and core.
  • Accuracy is the same as slow work but at speed with a focus on targeting.
  • Lower Body focuses on legs (I also throw a little core work in)
  • Speed is the same as the other two pell work but focusing on delivering the blow at speed while still retaining accuracy.

I won't cover the exercises in this blog and what works for me prob won't work for you. There's a lot of other information on the internet which covers this topic much better than I could.

Always, always warm up and cool down before excising it will save your fighting career and prevent downtime due to injury.

Finally have fun, it's a competitive sport, not a job if your not enjoying it change your routine so its something you enjoy, Play tennis as a warmup or go swimming, don't like running? Cycle instead.

Your will be surprise how much 1 hr a day can change your fitness level, you can always do more but keeping that 1hr a day up will make a big difference.

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