Friday, 19 June 2015

To Gild a Lily..

Expectations or lack there of,

I've been in the SCA for while now coming up on 3 years and I have noticed a curious correlation within my local baroney, some people are expected to perform most of the work while others have no expectations thrust upon them, While this is mostly voluntary like the duty of a squire to his/her knight others are less so, Like organising events.

We have a core group of people who seem to organise everything, while inclusion of new people is possible it seems to be oft overlooked when planning events, who will run future events if we don't start training them now? Some events are large and difficult enough already without the inclusion of untrained stewards/helpers but I believe it's critical to include even the newest members.

This can be tricky as we also don't want to chase them away, too many expectations can drive a person away but too few and they are left feeling like outcasts which the SCA has a real problem with, a balance must be sought. A good chatelaine can help with this also but they must be on the ball and have contacts with that "core" group who do plan and scheme.

When I was a  newcomer I remember well being lost and left out, my first event I knew only 2 people in a camp of over 200 and spent most of the 3 days in my campsite only coming out for events my "household" was a part of (which was few and far between), Now I know better.. I rock up and make things happen or ask to be included/participating, But this took time (and quite a lot of it) if I was asked to help out organise "blargh" I would have jumped at the chance. This is a lesson for me as well and I will be looking within my local group for those people being left out and try to bring them into the fold. (if they want to be)

I have found that a small group of people seem to do little to enrich the "dream" and that's their choice I guess and I have to live with that, But it's hard sometimes especially when those people complain about the outcome or criticize your hard work or the work of others (especially behind their backs). Sometimes I don't know how to deal with it or handle it badly, in the mundane world I can just ignore/walk away but as part of a group I feel it's my duty to address and try to fix their concerns so they can have a better time next time, I lie awake at night thinking of ways to please the unpleasable.. /sigh

I think there is only 1 - 2 people who actually read this so please ignore my rambling, it's designed as a record for me, but even if I write a years worth of posts and only 1 person finds value in something I have said I believe my job is done and so I can see how far I have come in later years to answer my own questions /thanks for reading my poor musings.

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