Thursday, 11 June 2015

Its a good lie.

I love the SCA, you will never find a better group of people to drink and make merry with, but it's all a lie.

The culture we epitomise as medieval life we create within the SCA, Isn't a true reflection of the medieval world. And why would we want it to be? I have been researching Chivalry  and have now read many texts regarding the subject. (including Libre del ordre de cavayleria and translated copy of Livre de Chevalerie)

They mostly paint a drab gray world, surrounded by enemies, heretic's and Duty. Honor was what each lord decided it was and included no mercy for the lowborn, (in most cases, there is a story a knight who decided each man and woman were equal regardless of station, his name was William marshal, the truest knight who ever lived.) They weren't even considered people, animals were more valued. Chivalry (as we know it today) wasn't really adopted until late into the 17th Century, before that it was only limited to nobel's of sufficient station. (or nation)

In the SCA everyone is of Noble birth (low station) and as your deeds are recognised within the Group/s you can rise in station/rank, All power is an illusion and only what we attribute to it. The more you achieve the more you rise in respect within the Group, by word or by deed, Teach all and respect all.

In period we would have had lowborn to do the grubbier tasks, this makes an interesting (in my mind anyway) dynamic of Service and duty, Service and duty is part of the game/dream, not a "chore" each of us within our group/s should serve those higher on the "ladder" and in turn those above have the duty to support the growth of those below, The goal is to grow the game, a lie to be sure as rising in station in Medieval times was a difficult enterprise unless you have large amounts of money, Artisan's skills, A large amount of time to devote or martial prowess; Within our Game/Dream you dont need either (although it doesn't hurt)

Medieval men and women have very different roles (although you would be surprised what some of the woman got up to) In the SCA we have a closer to equal playing field, some of the roles are dominated by women or men but nothing is barred from participation. We are of many names, households, countries and faiths but we come together as one whole for the Dream.

The SCA is the best kind of lie, but it is important to realise that it is a lie/untruth/misrepresentation of the life in the time we portray, because failure to remember the hardship or dark times is a disservice for how far we have come as a civilization and that is very important.

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