Saturday, 27 June 2015

Argent Annulet

Chivalry is hard to define and yet harder to teach, especially in this modern world we live in where things like Courage, Justice, Mercy, Generosity, Faith, Nobility and Hope are considered by many as "old fashioned" and trying to find a real world equivalent is difficult at best.

I was thinking about chivalry and walked past a roundabout, stood and watching for a few minutes (well it was about half an hour) watching the cars go their separate ways and seeing who would wait for whome,

I was surprised that many times the courtesy of letting someone else go is beyond what's required by the law (road code) In NZ we give way to the right, but why then were people letting those not on their right go first?

The roundabout could be used as a teaching tool to help newcomers with chivalry, a modern day example that they can relate to, and can be used to question and be questioned.

The Law (justice) Requires you to Give way to the right.
Mercy, to let those struggling or in the wrong lane go first.
Generosity, To let another pass before you when it is not there turn.
Faith, In knowing that it's your turn to go next.
Nobility, Not allowing every person to go before you when others are waiting behind you.
Hope, That others will follow the rules and not break them resulting in an accident.
Courage, Moving into your lane knowing that if others do not wait an accident will occur.

I present the Chivalric roundabout.

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