Friday, 14 August 2015

Be welcome

To those reading this after following my post from stuff nation:

It's the same person, this is my hobby most of the gear I have I made myself (with bargain fabric or op shop's) apart from a few pieces I bought after winning a competition at Mitre 10, 3 almost 4 years ago (just to hopefully circumvent the hate that someone with a hobby can be unemployed) my hobby keeps me sane when not looking for work.

Leonhart is a Pseudonym, I do this because I don't want to individualized by the media as that was not the point of the story.

Please enjoy my work, I have never had this many hits on my blog.


  1. Clearly Leonhart you have a lot of skills and a huge wealth of knowledge on this topic alone. Can you be a consultant in this field? This could be nationally or internationally. Google monetising your blog. You clearly have a future as a writer or researcher. Or maybe making props? There is a free Film course offered by SIT. Definitely get together a portfolio of your work. Talk with Peter Jackson, serious! I think you can do the most amazing things if you follow your skills (funnily enough many of your blog posts reiterate that!). Good luck!! (Retrogirl1 on Stuff)

  2. It's a very tough industry to get into, most of the jobs are though dead man's boots. I have tried and will keep trying as my skills improve. thanks for the encouragement.