Saturday, 8 August 2015

Thou shalt not sleep bruised

Current project - Gamboised Cuisses late period (found in use between the 12 - 16th Century) worn under plate or under and over maile.

1340-1345 - 'soldiers at the Holy Sepulchre', Cathédrale, Strasbourg, Musée de l'Oeuvre Notre-Dame, Strasbourg, France

note the upper Thigh padding, these examples of underplate padding referred to as gamboised cuisses, worn under plate to absorb the impact trauma on plate

1340-1345 - 'soldiers at the Holy Sepulchre

Note again the padded leg portions with the characteristic style of ribbed padding as portrayed by the effigies.

Exeter Cathedral Richard Stapeldon Tomb 1320 194

The construction of the gamboised cuisses are of similar fashion to the gambersons and arming coats worn during the same time periods and follow the same evolution of design and materials during the following years.

I have been attempting to recreate these pattern for use by all (see Gambeson) based on effegie and portraits displaying the same.

I have just finished the upper thigh portion of the prototype for reproduction and will upload a pattern and direction once the knee and lower leg and finalized but just to tease with a picture.

Cuisse reproduction

Note the belt loops and lower attachment point are not present, I originally tried to integrate them into the base pattern but found once stuffed the alignment changed so they will be added as separate attached pieces.

The final set will be full leg of 3 pieces, Thigh, Knee and lower leg which can be mirrored for the opposite leg.

Cuisse inner view with knee attached

Cuisse outer view with knee attached

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